Four Things I Love About Writing And The One Thing I Hate

I know the title of this blog post might make you wonder how are there only four things to love and just one thing to hate about writing, but it would've been a long post if I listed everything I love and hate. So, in the interest of keeping it brief-ish, here are the top... Continue Reading →


The 5 Stages of Rejection Letter Grief

A few weeks ago I received a rejection letter from a publisher. This wasn’t the first rejection letter I’d received (far from it), nor was it different from any of the other rejection letters I’ve been sent or seen posted by other writers. There was the usual, it’s not you, it’s me, and the non-committal... Continue Reading →

The Three Day Writing Rule

It is not easy to write a book, and if you’re a writer who thinks it is, then you’re in for a shock when after you’ve typed your opening sentence, it takes you (what feels like) one thousand years to type, The End. The hard reality is that writing a book takes blood, sweat, tears, bottomless... Continue Reading →

Reverse Outlining In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re a writer who is a planner, one of the first things you’ll do when starting a new project is to create an outline. If you’re a pantser, like me, you’ll shun outlining in favor of writing by the seat of your pants, or in other words, not knowing what you’re doing until you’ve... Continue Reading →

Rewrites: My Excuses and Tips

Those who follow my Instagram account know that this week I've been working on rewrites for book one in my YA supernatural series. I'd actually finished writing this book two years ago and sent what I thought was the best version to a handful of agents, some publishers, and a competition. It was rejected on all fronts.... Continue Reading →

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