6 Things New Writers Get Wrong

When you’re new to writing, it's a thrill of firsts. The first time you give it a serious try. The first time you plan, plot, or name a character. There’s the first time you type “Chapter One”, and the joy of scribbling “The End”. As with doing anything for the first time, you have a lot... Continue Reading →


Are You Doing Enough? And Other Questions From A Writer’s Overloaded Mind

Writing a book isn’t an easy task. Finishing it, selling it, pitching it, or submitting it, feels just as insurmountable some days. There are writers who never achieve such a milestone. Not because they didn’t want to—or try to—but because everything about writing is hard. You’ve got to think of a story. Write it. Re-write... Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Always Be Ready To Write

Writing while working, adulting, caring for tiny humans, and running a household often means jotting down sentences between appointments, lunch hours, school pickups, or after the kids are in bed. You know, that one part of the day you have to yourself when all you want to do is to binge watch the latest season... Continue Reading →

When Writing Advice Becomes Too Much

First, let me say I understand it’s ironic to write a post about writing advice being too much on a blog about writing advice, but I’m going to be as ironic as Alanis Morissette—and as bad as that dated reference—and write about it anyway. Most likely to the song, because let’s face it, it’s in... Continue Reading →

The Active Word Checklist

“Keep your prose active.” It’s one of the most well-known pieces of writing advice and one of the most frustrating. Sometimes when writing, especially when you’re first starting out, you have no idea what words are making your prose non-active. You’re just writing, using the words that sound right. It’s not until you see the difference creating an... Continue Reading →

The Weak Word Checklist

Not all words are created equal, and as a writer, you can devote many hours to finding the best perfect one. While playing with word choice and re-writing sentences until you get them just right can help capture what you’re trying to invoke, a weak word can do the opposite. But how do you know... Continue Reading →

The Delete Checklist

Words. You can’t be a writer without them. We use them to convey our thoughts and feelings, to create worlds and the characters living in them. Words give us our voice, but they can also muddle it. Just because you can write using all the words doesn’t mean that you should. Being too wordy can... Continue Reading →

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