The Little Voice of Doubt

As writers, we tend to carry on a lot of conversations in our heads; ones with characters, and ones with ourselves about plot twists and ideas. There's also that conversation we have every time we sit down at the keyboard, put pen to paper, or get ready to hit submit or publish. It's the conversation... Continue Reading →


Plan The Town

I don't plan when I write. At least not at length. I'm a panser and proud of it. That leads to surprise when writing, and ideas that come over you in eureka-esq moments that remind you why you're spending your days chained to the keyboard. One downside to being a panser, though, is that you... Continue Reading →

Writer Envy: Do’s and Don’ts

While writer's do have each others backs, after all, no one else knows better how much work goes into creating a book, there are occasions when along with the crippling self-doubt and frustrating writer's block, you will be struck down with writer envy. Writer envy usually rears its head when you see another writer post,... Continue Reading →

When Do You Not Feel Like a Fraud?

Earlier this year a friend asked me to join a book club, and while the group was introducing themselves one lady said she was a writer. While introducing myself, I said everything but. I've been working on my YA series full-time for three years. Before that, writing professionally as a beauty writer/editor for nine, yet... Continue Reading →

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