Dialogue Don’ts

Dialogue is one of the most important aspects of your book to get right. Not only does it need to be realistic, but it also has the responsibility of advancing your plot and shaping your characters. With that in mind, here are a few don'ts to remember when crafting your dialogue. Don't Forget the Proper... Continue Reading →


Why Didn’t I Plan!? The Regrets of a Pantser

I prefer pantsing when writing, which is going with the flow and seeing where the story takes me. There’s little planning involved beyond a vague idea of plot and characters (if you’re lucky). It’s perfect for creating natural story arcs and organic surprises and twists, but when it comes to the little details, I’ve discovered... Continue Reading →

The Waiting Game

After a year of getting nowhere with agents, and following the advice of the editor who assessed the manuscript I was sending out, I decided that I would give publishers a try. So far this year I have submitted to two publishers. The first sent an automatic reply to the submission saying that if I... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Writing Badly

Writing well is something that all writers want to achieve. Putting the words down on the page in the best way you can and shaping them into the sentences that will become books are the reasons we write. It's those very books that inspire us in the first place. We look to them as the... Continue Reading →

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