The Draft

Some (rambling) thoughts about the MS I have out on submission. Let me know if you can relate…

This is the draft where I saw everything that was wrong.

This is the draft that broke me.

This is the draft where I wanted to give up.

This is the draft I learned from.

This is the draft I’m most proud of.

This is the draft where I found my voice.

This is the draft where I lost myself.

This is the draft where it finally came together.

This is the draft I hate.

This is the draft I love.

This is the draft where I’m the worst writer in the world.

This is the draft where I’m the writer I want to be.

This is the draft I don’t want to spend time on.

This is the draft I want to work on as soon as I wake up.

This will be the draft that gets rejected, but it has been the draft that’s saved me.

— K.M. Allan

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32 thoughts on “The Draft

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  1. It is a relationship. It’s us. It goes so deep.

    Sometimes we want to push it away and the moment we do we pull it back in. This is such an emotional journey and you have demonstrated that journey in the most perfect of ways.

    I now understand why I am so exhausted.

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  2. Yes, that’s pretty much how I feel, too. Also, if I don’t write, I’ll feel depressed, and if I do write, I’ll feel frustrated. Or sometimes vice versa. Yet still, it’s one of the few ways for me to feel whole.

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  3. I’ve been there. I think SCARS was the one that broke me the most, and also the one that saved me and my sanity, recently. It was at least the draft that made me learn how to hide things I didn’t really want to come out and say behind a mask of literary attempts at poetic narrative ehehehehh

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